Sleep Solution Standard Drawer (no runners)

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Our Sleep Solution bases are Australian made in Melbourne and designed to compliment our mattresses. The frames are constructed of solid plantation pine. The base consists of a perforated cardboard layer, which allows increased air circulation within the bed unit. On top of the cardboard layer, there is sanitised polyurethane foam allowing for extra padding for increased comfort.



The base is finished in high quality, Australian made, Warwick Fabric . This fabric is available in seven colours including; Vespa Ash, Maestro pebble, Crawford Stone, Gabby Slate, Vespa Graphite, Burlington Slate and Crawford Onyx.


Profiles and Drawer Options

Our Sleep Solution bases are available in three profiles including; 9 Inch, 11 Inch and 11 Inch skirted (floating look). Drawer options are available for both the 11 Inch and 11 Inch skirted profiles.